Our staff, like you, have feelings.

Whilst we recognise the frustrations patients feel regarding both access to general practices and the NHS as a whole (we will go into this in a future message on our Facebook page ), we have had increasing incidents of patients being unkind to members of our practice team who are working really hard to try to meet everyone’s needs.

We have a zero tolerance policy on abusive, threatening or aggressive behaviour.

Shouting, swearing or being abusive in person, by telephone or by abusive use of social media will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Patients who are abusive could be removed from our patient list. We are not here to suffer verbal or physical abuse from patients or their relatives. All staff at our practice are working hard to try to help you.
Abuse of members of our practice team leads to increase workloads (as the situation is investigated etc), can increase staff absence due to stress related issues and/or staff deciding to leave our practice team.

We are here for you and will continue to be so.