Important Update to Ordering Prescriptions Online

From *14 October 2019* in order to order prescriptions on-line you will need to nominate a pharmacy who will receive the prescription directly (e.g. electronically from the practice).

*If you do not have a pharmacy nominated after that date the practice will be unable to process your prescription on-line.

If you already have a nominated pharmacy e.g. your prescriptions already go electronically direct to your pharmacy – please use our online services.

If you have NOT got a nominated pharmacy at this time please order using our online form but please nominate a pharmacy as soon as possible or by 14 October 2019 in order to continue to order on line. You can do this via our online form.

*The practice is integrating the ordering of prescriptions on-line with the clinical system bringing this practice in line with the majority of other practices in St Helens and England.

This system will make it easier for you to order your medication and for us to process your medication request.

However the practice will be unable to identify a site for the prescription to be picked up at so, to use the service, you have to nominate a pharmacy or your prescription cannot be processed.

We thank you for your help and support with this.